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friends cliff sunset.jpg

“I feel like I just got a dose of the best medicine I didn’t know I needed”


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what the green.jpg

“It’s like a returning to yourself… To home”


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friends hiking to ocean.jpg

“I feel strong. I feel clear. I feel a little vulnerable as well. These trips are such a powerful experience.”


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yale friend.jpg

“The two words to describe this trek would be freeing and refreshing. This was the perfect way to just recharge. To reset.”



friends with duncan.jpg

“I feel like I gained a lot of knowledge that is Valuable... Skills I can share with others. ”


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friends and fire.jpg

“It’s like a cold shower…But with nature”


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rocky pink sunset.jpg
friends meditating.jpg

“Thank you for taking us out of the hustle and bustle, and bringing us some solitude”




“I couldn’t ask for better groups of people to have shared these experiences with. I hope that we have made as positive an impact on your lives as you have on ours.”

-Duncan, Founder, off Trail On Track