Backpack Smarter, Walk for a Cause

Includes a free guided trip in world-class wilderness with pre-trip lessons, custom gear workshop, gear discounts, and shopping guidance.

8 courses in Fall 2018. 7 spots per course. Typically 75-100 apply per course.
Suggested donation $100 - 500. 80% of it will go to wilderness education and conservation

Course curriculum:

Application: 8 questions total, ~10 minutes to complete. I take applications seriously. Group dynamics are critical.

***Because there are a limited amount of seats, the selection will be based off your applications, so please answer honestly and thoughtfully***

Name *
Which statement best describes you? (This helps me determine trip level for you) *
Which of these dates could work for you? (select all that works, the more the better) *
Trip level (difficulty, intensity, amount of off trail) will be determined based on your answer to the previous question and final grouping of students. Be assured that over the past 6 years, no one has complained about being placed into a course that didn't fit their trip objectives and abilities.
e.g. # trips you take per year, longest multi-day trip that you've done, what kind of hiker are you, typical mileage, do friends call on you to plan trips...?
e.g. I want to travel lighter... navigate off trail... guide my own trips in the future... I have a selection bias toward applicants who want to become trip leaders in the future. Please stay truthful. :)
I use this question to determine group dynamics and fit. How serious should you be with your answers? Well, between your dating profile and a college application. e.g. How would a new friend describe you? How about an old friend? Any other skills or fun things you want to teach or learn from the group?
If available, which of the following would you want to add to your course? *
If available, which of the following would you want to add to your course?
I partner with experts to incorporate yoga, photography, outdoor gourmet, meditation, mental health hacks, etc into some of my courses. One topic per trip. Specific pairing of dates and topics TBD. Cost depending on course but will be capped at $100 per person.
Yoga and Meditation
Outdoor photography
Backcountry gourmet and nutrition
Story-telling skills
Let's walk for a cause. *
With the recent US Federal funding cuts on wilderness conservation and shaky grounds on the global climate agenda, I feel compelled to give back and to influence minds. The fulfillment I get from helping you experience nature is priceless to me. I'll be asking for a $100-500 suggested donation from each admitted mentee. 80% of which will go toward supporting wilderness education and trail maintenance. The rest will become stipend for co-guides for some trips and help me recover partial costs. I make $0 profit on all of this.